The website of Edinburgh u3a Photography Groups 1 and 2

What we do

Our object is to improve members' skills in picture composition and techniques. Because it is the picture that is important, it doesn't matter whether the camera used is simple or more advanced. Each month members provide a few photographs on a subject chosen in advance. We then meet to examine the photographs, discuss their merits and learn a little of ways in which they might be improved. Occasionally, during the meeting we have a short session on a technical topic. See also our archive at the foot of this page.

Programme for 2021 - 2022

This month Glass

August: Outing to Musselburgh
September: Outing & Buildings / Architecture
October: Playing with light
November: Skies, day and night
December: Red
January: Social Outing postponed
February: Macro, getting close
March: Landscapes
April: Signs of Spring
May: Outing to Lauriston Castle
June: Opposites and Outing
July: Glass

Where we meet

Group 1 meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month from 2.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. Group 2 meets on the previous Wednesday. Both groups meet in the Colinton area of Edinburgh, with the additional option of joining us via video conference.

To join these groups you must be
a member of Edinburgh u3a.
To contact the Photography Group,

The Archive

Pictures that we have taken over the past few years                         Cross-reference to topics covered

All the photographs have been taken by group members. Thanks to Anne Allan, Fiona Bayne, Martin Burnell, Frances Carnie, Joe Cross, Leslie Dickinson, Mary Dunlop, Neil and Sonia Duffy, Sandra Gordon, Ruth Hannah, Ingrid Hooton, Irene Lavery, Gillian Low, Marthe Matthew, Athol and Morag Pirie, Bob Todd, Sue Watson and Brian Whitnell for supplying them.