A session on Contrast and Texture

Our topic for September was Contrast and Texture. Texture can be rough or smooth, and many possibilities can be found close to hand. Here is a selection of what some of us made of the subject.

face at the window
"Face at the window". A young friend was helping by washing the windows. I took this for fun and then realized enlarging/cropping it would give a new "edge" BS

Dovecot Studios          Parliament Building

            Exterior of the Scottish Parliament IM




Dovecot Studios on Doors Open Day, 2008 IM

industrial detritus

I saw an exhibition of photos of industrial detritus and I thought I would have a go. LD

smooth cafetiere
A smooth glass cafetiere. IM

The pictures in this photo gallery have been reduced in resolution to make them suitable for use on these web pages. They will not print out very well.

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